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Pre and post natal support 

At Muscle Mind Wellness Ltd our founder is a pre and post natal specialist coach. Get trained before, during and after pregnancy. Train safely for both you and your baby. Whether you are training to lose baby weight, build up strength, heal from Diastasis Recti, weakened pelvic floors or prepare for child birth we have you covered.


Personal training/ group sessions

We offer 1-2-1 fitness sessions tailor made to your specific goals, don’t want to train on your own? Then why not sign up to our group session offer where your get discounted prices the more people that join.


We support fathers too

Worried you may need to find child care? That’s no problem either as at Muscle Mind Wellness Ltd we have a full set of portable kit so we can travel to you, your baby/child can play whilst you work out. Best thing is our specialist coach can incorporate the baby into the exercises so if your baby doesn’t even need to be put down. These classes are open to fathers and mothers, helping promote healthy wellbeing for both parents.

Are you breastfeeding or want support for nutrition to know that you and your baby are healthy? Don’t worry we have you covered.

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