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Eating Disorder Support 

Our unique approach to recovery is sculpted from the mold of personal triumph. We offer 1-2-1 support that intertwines art therapy, talking therapy and physical activity (when appropriate), drawing strength from our own journeys of recovery- our lived experience is our superpower. 


What we offer

We offer different support packages including:

-1-2-1 support for the individual battling the eating disorder.

-Exclusive support for parents/carers

- Dedicated sibling support

- One-hour seminars for parents and school staff

- Six- week early intervention workshops in schools.

-Both online and in-person options.

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Our Directors story

At Muscle Mind Wellness Ltd, we’re not just professionals- we’re survivors. Our Director battled Anorexia Nervosa for over 10 years, got hospitalised multiple times. She now has been recovered over 10 years and dedicates her life now helping others whilst being a voice for those that can not be heard.

Watch our Director speak about her own battles

School workshops
and seminars.

Now offering 6 week workshops in schools for children who are suffering with an eating disorder. We are now offering with our CIC business Muscle Mind Care seminars for parents/ staff to spot the early warning signs of an eating disorder. Download our prospectus today and then fill out an enquiring form to get your school booked in as limited spaces available. 

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