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Why choose Muscle Mind Wellness Ltd

With years of experience under her belt, Emma is dedicated to helping clients reach their fitness goals. She understands that everyone is unique and deserves a personalized approach, which is why she creates individualized training programs based on your goals. As a qualified expert in pre and post natal exercise, eating disorder recovery, you can have peace of mind knowing that Emma has the knowledge and skills necessary to assist you with any fitness needs. Trust her to guide you towards success on your fitness/recovery journey.


Your local Pre and Post Natal provider

My Story

"As a Personal Trainer, my main goal is to empower individuals both mentally and physically. I am proud to be a specialist in Mental Health and a Pre & Post Natal Specialist Coach. My passion for helping others stems from my own personal journey with Mental Health. I have overcome Anorexia Nervosa, a disorder that consumed my life for 10 years. My condition was so severe that I was hospitalized twice, and the doctors told me that I would never be able to develop a healthy relationship with exercise or food again. I was in a dark place, and many doubted my ability to recover. However, today, I have been recovered for eight years, proving the naysayers wrong. The doctor's words have stayed with me, motivating me to share my story and help others through my business Muscle Mind Wellness. 

Many individuals who struggle with similar conditions feel hopeless and unsure if recovery is even possible. That's where I come in. By working together, I can show you that recovery is possible and that a healthy relationship with food and exercise is attainable. The key is in your mindset, and as your Personal Trainer, I will help you become not only physically strong but mentally strong as well. My goal is to empower you with the tools and resources to achieve optimal well-being and a positive mental attitude that will carry you through any obstacle."

- Emma Carpenter,

  Founder of Muscle Mind Wellness

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