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How can I change my negative mindset?

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Mental strength and physical health come hand in hand. Sometimes our brains go into overthinking mode and all we need to do is foucs on that thought, note the thought down and then work out how we can refocus that thought into a positive mindset.

One of the biggest things that stop us from achieving our goals is our own mind. Your brain can be your most effective tool but also your most detrimental. The key is writing down the goal you want to achieve. Break it down into smaller steps. Wrote how you will achieve this goal, what could prevent you from achieving your gaol and then how you feel once you have completed this said task. Breaking down into smaller steps helps your brain to relax and not feel overwhelmed in the moment. If you identify what could stop you doing the goal your brain can no longer list all the things why you shouldn’t do it as you have already noted it all down.

The key is changing your mindset, your mind gives up way before your body does. Why not download my worksheet using the link below. Remember you can do it, the key is just changing the way your think.

Daily focus planner
Download PDF • 33KB

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